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Trusted Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation in Highland Park

Bathroom remodeling is great for two reasons. It can create a stylish and functional new space for the whole family to enjoy. And new bathroom renovations can build extra value in your home when it’s done correctly by experienced bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park. Finding such experts is simple when you call the best of the bathroom remodeling companies in Highland Park. That’s Metro Construction and Remodeling, where we are highly-regarded for the superior craftsmanship that we bring to every project.

We use years of experience as our guide, so you can count on Metro Construction and Remodeling and our team of professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park. We’ll create a bathroom space for you that will instill pride as we use the best materials to go along with our top level of workmanship. We take care of every detail from tile installation in Highland Park by expert tile contractors, to complete bathroom remodeling custom-designed in every way just for you.

Call Metro Construction and Remodeling for your free, no-obligation, quote to begin your bathroom remodeling. Trust in our sound advice because it’s coming from the finest bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park.

The Very Best Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation in Highland Park

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
Highland Park, IL

You can relax in a completely new bathroom that is custom built from every angle to meet your precise specifications. Metro Construction and Remodeling has the expertise you’re looking for to make your superior bathroom remodeling near me in Highland Park unique to you. Our bathroom contractors know how to get the most out of your remodeling and give you the bathroom space you want.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Renovations
Highland Park, IL

If the layout of your bathroom meets your needs but it seems to lack a modern style or the functionality you desire, then Metro Construction and Remodeling is ready for your bathroom renovations in Highland Park. We will plan out exactly what you want and create the perfect bathroom space that works for you.

Bathroom Refinishing

Bathroom Refinishing
Highland Park, IL

Feel inspired by a bathroom refinishing in Highland Park that lets you get the most out of the current space. The bathroom contractors at Metro Construction and Remodeling are skillful at handling every fine detail to achieve your new bathroom space with all the right features.

Tile Installation

Tile Installation
Highland Park, IL

Not everyone can lay tiles. It takes a skilled and practiced hand by the most experienced bathroom contractors to provide the ideal tile installation in Highland Park. Great tile installation can update your bathroom completely. At Metro Construction and Remodeling, our tile contractors have experience in all kinds of tile installation to give your bathroom a new look and feel.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles
Highland Park, IL

It’s not always easy to choose the right bathroom floor tiles. It’s important for the general style of the space and to keep it waterproof. The bathroom tile contractors in Highland Park from Metro Construction and Remodeling offer their expert advice in selecting the appropriate tiles before taking the time to deliver on the professional bathroom tile installation you expect.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles
Highland Park, IL

Our team of tile installers in Highland Park is ready to take on your bathroom wall tiles. These tiles are designed to complement the other bathroom features, including the bathroom floor tiles. Don’t settle for anything less than our expert bathroom tile installation, for wall tiles that make the difference in your bathroom.

Need Bathroom Remodeling Highland Park?

Here’s What Makes Metro Construction & Remodeling The Best Choice For Your Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation In Highland Park, IL

Quick Action & Thorough Work

With bathroom contractors in Highland Park from Metro Construction and Remodeling, you can rest easy knowing that we respond quickly to finish projects on time. We rely on our extensive experience to work effectively for a job done just right.

Perfect Pricing

You can feel great about your bathroom renovations in Highland Park when it comes to your budget. Our team understands that your financial input and limits are important so we maintain low costs for all our projects.

The Very Best in Quality Materials

With Metro Construction and Remodeling working for you, expect your bathroom renovations in Highland Park to be completed with only the best materials possible. That’s one reason why our workmanship is of the highest quality.

Why Bathroom Remodeling in Highland Park, IL Is So Important?

When considering which home renovations are needed, many people often turn to bathroom remodeling, and for good reason. Bathrooms are one of the most critical areas that potential home buyers look at when considering a home. Where an old-style bathroom may feel comfortable in terms of function, it may lack style. Our modern bathroom renovations in Highland Park combine today’s trendy styles with more functionality than most think possible. With that said, a poor bathroom refinishing can deter home buyers or dramatically affect the final selling price.

At Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park, we know that a master bath, or ensuite, is often the first place home buyers look. A modern bathroom design allows for open spaces with added elegance in the shower, tub, and sink. These modern bathroom spaces have removed traditional door entries from their plans in favor of continuous open space flowing from the master bedroom. Take a moment to look through different magazines and websites, or our bathroom remodeling gallery to find inspiration. You’ll capture ideas that can make your bathroom remodeling in Highland Park an excellent combination of style, function, and elegance. Plus, you can maximize the resale value of your home. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park can make your bathroom renovations truly functional.

Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Process Highland Park, IL

Bathroom remodel near me in Highland Park is a great time to change a small part of your home in a unique way. But you must follow a plan to the letter, otherwise you will have a half-finished project of bathroom refinishing, and no money to complete it. Before anything else, tailor your budget. Know how much you intend to spend on each part of the build, and never violate that cost ceiling. Next, get your ideas out if you don’t already have one, but we suspect you probably already have a few ideas. It can be a little much when you think about all the things that have to go into your new bathroom, but with a little guidance, you are going to be ok. Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park can help you through some of the specifics, giving you some insight into ways things can be done to make your plan even better. And next we will complete your bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling Highland Park, IL – Benefits

Raise Your Property Value
You don’t have to live with that outdated bathroom with so many incredible design options offered today. When adding a new light fixture or a new tile installation in Highland Park, it’s easy to refresh your bathroom and make your home more desirable to buyers, who will pay more for a new bathroom space. Hire the right expert bathroom contractors in Highland Park while you stay on top of today’s big bathroom design trends.

Go Green to Save Green
Homeowners love going green because choosing eco-friendly solutions can help save on your water and electric bills. Go with water-saving showerheads, energy-saving LED lights, and low-flush toilets. These green options are just as effective as the non-green options. And you can save even more by repairing pipe leaks and replacing old faucets.

Personalized Comforts
By taking everything out of your space through extensive bathroom remodeling near me in Highland Park, you are left with a blank canvas. Plan carefully so you can add quality storage space, allow your essentials to be displayed, hire tile installers to replace your tiles, scrub your bathtub to a shine, or find more options to include your personal comforts to your stunning bathroom. Call our bathroom contractors near me in Highland Park to help.

Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Highland Park, IL – FAQ

How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?
Your bathroom’s size, the materials that you need and prefer, and the complexity of the project will determine how long your bathroom remodeling will take. Most bathroom renovations include plumbing, electrical, and removing the existing tub or shower. The bathroom remodel timeline will depend on whether or not we find issues with the connections or replacing materials. One thing is for sure, our bathroom remodeling contractors in Metro Bathroom Remodeling Highland Park are professionals and experienced, so you don’t have to worry about the outcome of your bathroom remodel.

What does a full bathroom remodel consist of?
Our full bathroom remodel near me in Highland Park includes removing old materials and fixtures and replacing them with attractive and innovative options in a wide range of colors and styles. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park gives our clients an amazing remodel to update an outdated design while ensuring safety and comfort.

Why should I remodel my bathroom?
Aside from increasing the value of your home, bathroom remodeling will improve the quality of your life. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Metro Bathroom Remodeling near me in Highland Park, take careful planning and consideration to enhance storage, appearance, efficiency, and more. Investing in a bathroom remodel can create a more comfortable and calming space for your family.


What type of tile should I use for my bathroom floor and shower?
There are a lot of tiles to choose from when it comes to bathroom tile installation. Your personal preference will lead you to the best type of tile for your flooring and shower. There are other factors to consider when selecting your bathroom tiles, such as the lighting, the number of people who will use it, and the size of your bathroom. When in doubt, it is best to consult our professional tile contractor from Metro Bathroom Remodeling in Highland Park to help you select the best one.

What Clients Say About Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Highland Park, IL

"Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park was great with my tile installation. It was a pleasure dealing with them and their work was outstanding."

Trista Ramos Highland Park, IL

"There is no way we could be more pleased with these bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park. Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors made our ideas into a truly remarkable new bathroom. "

Warren Noble Highland Park, IL

"I spoke to four bathroom remodeling companies in Highland Park and I was quite impressed with the level of professionalism seen by Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors. They were an excellent choice for my bathroom refinishing."

Laura Hartley Highland Park, IL

Bathroom Tile Installation Highland Park, IL – Things To Consider

For retiling your bathroom in Highland Park, it can be a lot of fun to pick the tiles and imagine them in their new space, but there are a few factors Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors suggests to consider before bathroom tile installation:

For small bathrooms, consider smaller tiles for the walls, although large tiles for the floor will work just fine. For a large master bath, the same size floor and wall tiles will work, except in the shower.

We are all different. Some of us read in the bathroom, and others can sit in a bubble bath for hours. Tiles can enhance or ruin your mood, so choose wisely based on your personality.

It is important to be equally pragmatic and eclectic with your tiling choice. It says something about you. Unless you never intend to share your bathroom. Then it is irrelevant.

Have a good, firm idea on how much you wish to spend on your tiling work, then add 50%. Tiles break, workers get sick, and things happen. Planning ahead financially can be a wise choice.

If you don’t know which way is up in the tiling world, the dedicated and passionate folks at Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors can guide you in your bathroom remodeling near me in Highland Park.

Bathroom Remodeling Highland Park, IL – How to Plan It

Bathroom remodeling near me in Highland Park fills your mind with having a clean, spacious, beautiful, and organized bathroom. And at some point in every project, the best way to achieve your plan is to think through the project carefully and plan. Preparing for bathroom renovations step-by-step will help you define the scope of your project, so you know what to expect before starting. Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Highland Park have listed some things you need to consider to have a satisfying bathroom remodeling experience.

  1. Plan what style and function that you want your bathroom to look like.
  2. Consider the things you want to change or remain in your bathroom, like fixtures, surfaces, lighting, finishes, and more.
  3. Assess the cost of your bathroom remodeling by breaking down renovation costs and looking for a budget-friendly option. Hire our professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Highland Park to ensure your project is in good hands.