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Making Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation in Chicago Easy For You

A bathroom remodeling is great for creating a new beautiful space for you and your family. But it also adds value to your home while raising the level of style and functionality for you to enjoy if it’s done right. That’s where the best of the bathroom remodeling companies in Chicago steps in. Metro Construction and Remodeling is renowned for the top quality workmanship we provide each day on every project for which we are invited to participate.

With the experience to guide all our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago, you can rely on Metro Construction and Remodeling to bring you the finest materials and the top level of detailed work possible. From intricate tile installation in Chicago done by expert tile contractors to complete bathroom remodeling that gives you a brand new space custom-designed for you, our team can do it all.

Call Metro Construction and Remodeling for a free quote on your next bathroom remodeling project in Chicago. We will offer our best advice from the finest bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago.

Top Notch Quality Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation Services Chicago

Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

It’s important to have the right bathroom floor tiles for style and for protection from water leaks. The bathroom tile contractors in Chicago from Metro Construction and Remodeling can advise you accordingly, and do what’s needed to make your bathroom tile installation as smooth as possible.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Our tile installers in Chicago are ready to make your bathroom wall tiles look their best. They are meant to match or accent your bathroom floor tiles. With our expert bathroom tile installation, it will be done with perfection so you can enjoy your new bathroom look.

What Makes Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago the Right Choice For Your Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation?

Fast and efficient

The bathroom contractors in Chicago at Metro Construction and Remodeling are known for being reliably fast to complete projects on time. Meanwhile, we work effectively to do it right through experience and professionalism.


You can count on us to make sure your bathroom renovations in Chicago is as cost-effective as possible. We understand that your budget is important and we stay within that so you can feel comfortable about the project.

Top-quality material

When you work with Metro Construction and Remodeling on any bathroom refinishing in Chicago, you can expect the best materials to go along with the top level of workmanship that puts everything together.

Why Bathroom Remodeling Is So Important For Your Home

When people consider home remodeling, bathroom renovations are often at the top of the list. Bathrooms tend to be one of the biggest focal points for potential home buyers. While older bathrooms seem to focus on function over style, modern bathroom renovations look to blend plenty of style into as much function as possible. With that in mind, a poor bathroom refinishing can dramatically reduce the chances of selling a home.

The master bath is usually the first place people will check. The design of today’s master bathrooms focuses on open spaces with an elegant shower, tub and sink combination. Many modern baths have done away with the traditional door entry, opting instead for a continuous open space with the master bedroom. Take the time to look through magazines, websites, or our bathroom remodeling gallery for inspiration to make your bathroom remodeling the perfect fit for your style in terms of function, elegance, and resale value. Our bathroom remodeling contractors will help you with your bathroom renovations in Chicago.

Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Chicago, IL – FAQ

How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?
It is difficult to tell how long your bathroom remodel will take without seeing your space and getting a sense of your preferred materials. However, our bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago can give you an outline for a typical bathroom renovation. At your estimate, Metro Bathroom Remodeling will provide you with a better sense of timeline and cost for your specific bathroom remodel.

What does a full bathroom remodel consist of?
Full bathroom remodeling in Chicago consists of more than merely replacing fixtures in your bathroom. Full remodel begins including designing the layout, reacting to the existing fixtures, updating your bathtub or shower and toilet, and adding new features such as steam room, walk-in shower, windows replacement to bring your bathroom to a new level. Some people in Chicago requested Metro Bathroom Remodeling for a bathroom remodeling that includes some form of expansion.

Why should I remodel my bathroom?
Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Investing for a bathroom renovation should include careful planning and the craftsmanship of a professional bathroom contractor. Bathroom renovation in Chicago increases the value of your home, allows you to go green, add energy-efficient features and smart storage space, and update the look and feel of your bathroom.

What type of tile should I use for my bathroom floor and shower?
In selecting the type of tile to use in your floor and shower, personal style preference will influence the choice of material. There are countless tiles based on color and design to choose from. When considering a plan, it is essential to consult our professional tile installer in Metro Bathroom Remodeling to get the best ones. Also, hiring reliable bathroom tile contractors is critical to ensure a successful bathroom tile installation in Chicago.

Testimonials – Bathroom Remodeling Chicago

"Metro Construction and Remodeling was terrific for my tile installation in Chicago. They offered great insight and did a wonderful job with tiling my bathroom."

Anna M. Lemons

"We could not be happier with these bathroom remodeling contractors in Chicago. Metro Construction took all our ideas and made them a reality for a fantastic new bathroom."

Timothy K. Simmons

"After researching about bathroom remodeling companies in Chicago, I was impressed with the honesty and innovation of Metro. I’m glad I chose them for my renovation. They were excellent to work with."

Jeffrey S. Sutter

Things To Consider Before Bathroom Tile Installation Chicago, IL

Retiling the bathroom in your home can be a very exciting time, because you might not have picked the tile that was in it originally. Here are factors to consider when choosing to engage in bathroom tile installation in Chicago:

The overall size of your bathroom will be the best way to determine the color and size of your tile. Bright colors make the space feel larger, and smaller tiles are less claustrophobic than large tiles when doing walls.

What are you trying to do with the space? Is it a simple useful area for bathing, or is it a getaway at the end of your hard work day. The tile you pick can make all the difference.

Picking colors, sizes and trims will be your hardest decision. Once tiled, the room will remain the same for a long time. Pick a style you already love, and will continue to love.

It always comes down to money, and with tile, that number is all over the place depending on what type of tile you desire. Know your available income for the job.

The tillers at Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Chicago can walk you through all of these factors and help you make the right choice.