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    Your Tile Installers & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Northbrook

    Bathroom remodeling serves two purposes. It can add a beautiful and functional new space for you and your family to enjoy. New bathroom renovations can also add value to your home when handled correctly by professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook. Finding those experts is easy at the best of the bathroom remodeling companies in Northbrook. Metro Construction and Remodeling is well-known for the incredible workmanship that we provide on every project.

    With experience as our guide, you can rely on Metro Construction and Remodeling and our professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook, to create a space with the best materials and the highest level of workmanship around. We can take care of everything from detailed tile installation in Northbrook handled by expert tile contractors, to full-scale bathroom remodeling that is custom-designed to meet your needs.

    Call Metro Construction and Remodeling today and receive a free quote with no obligation on your upcoming bathroom remodeling. We can give you solid advice that comes from the absolute best bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook.

    Top-Level Quality Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation in Northbrook

    Bathroom Remodeling

    Bathroom Remodeling
    Northbrook, IL

    Enjoy a completely new bathroom custom built from the bottom up specifically to your specifications. Metro Construction and Remodeling has the expertise to give you superior bathroom remodeling in Northbrook by bathroom contractors that know how to get the most from your remodeling to leave you with the bathroom space you desire.

    Bathroom Renovations

    Bathroom Renovations
    Northbrook, IL

    If you like the layout of your bathroom but it lacks that modern appeal and functionality, then Metro Construction and Remodeling is the company to call for your bathroom renovations in Northbrook. We can help you plan for exactly what you want to see in your bathroom and get it done right for you.

    Bathroom Refinishing

    Bathroom Refinishing
    Northbrook, IL

    FGet inspired by a bathroom refinishing in Northbrook that allows you to get the most out of what you already have in the space. The bathroom contractors at Metro Construction and Remodeling will take care of the smallest details so that we can achieve the new bathroom space that suits you best.

    Tile Installation

    Tile Installation
    Northbrook, IL

    Only the very skilled and experienced bathroom contractors can provide the tile installation in Northbrook that can renew your bathroom to perfection. At Metro Construction and Remodeling, our tile contractors have the expertise needed to give your bathroom the new look you want with the exacting precision needed to make it right.

    Bathroom Floor Tiles

    Bathroom Floor Tiles
    Northbrook, IL

    Choosing the right bathroom floor tiles is important for the overall style of the room and to stay protected from water leaks. At Metro Construction and Remodeling, we have bathroom tile contractors in Northbrook who can offer their expert advice to select the perfect tiles and give you the professional bathroom tile installation that’s needed.

    Bathroom Wall Tiles

    Bathroom Wall Tiles
    Northbrook, IL

    We have tile installers in Northbrook that are ready for your bathroom wall tiles. These tiles are designed to complement the rest of your bathroom features, including the bathroom floor tiles. You can’t go wrong with our expert bathroom tile installatio, for wall tiles that sit right and look great.

    Need Bathroom Remodeling Northbrook?

    Why Metro Construction & Remodeling The Best Choice For Bathroom Remodeling & Tile Installation in Northbrook, IL?

    Fast and efficient

    The bathroom contractors in Northbrook brought to you by Metro Construction and Remodeling are recognized for responding quickly to complete projects on time. We use our experience and professionalism to work effectively and get the job done right.


    You can feel confident that your bathroom renovations in Northbrook are handled according to your budgetary concerns. We understand that your budget is important so we keep costs as low as possible, allowing you to feel comfortable about the project.

    Top-quality material

    With Metro Construction and Remodeling on the job, you can expect your bathroom refinishing in Northbrook to include only the absolute best materials. That’s one reason our workmanship is top-quality.

    Why Bathroom Remodeling in Northbrook, IL Is So Valuable?

    When considering home renovations, many people often think about bathroom remodeling. Bathrooms are one of the most prominent areas that potential home buyers focus on. Where older bathrooms feel comfortable in terms of function rather than style, modern bathroom renovations in Northbrook seek to combine the latest styles with as much functionality as possible. That being said, a poor bathroom refinishing can limit the chance of selling a home or dramatically reduce the selling price.

    At Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Northbrook, we understand that a master bath is usually the primary place home buyers look at first. The design of a modern master bathroom often includes open spaces with an elegant shower, tub and sink combination. These modern baths have eliminated traditional door entries in favor of a continuous open space that flows from the master bedroom. Take the opportunity to look through magazines, websites, or our bathroom remodeling gallery for great inspiration that can make your bathroom remodeling in Northbrook the perfect combination of style, function, and elegance to maximize your resale value. The bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook at Metro can help you with your bathroom renovations today.

    Plan Your Bathroom Remodeling Process Northbrook, IL

    If you intend to do a bathroom remodeling, the perfect plan is the only way to ensure it is done efficiently. Your first step is to plan a budget. If you have the financial details under control, all the other plans have a baseline to start from, and a ceiling not to be exceeded. Next, getting ideas for your bathroom renovations. If you are still waffling, this is the time to pick your style and theme. We can assist with this, or you can do your own research. It can be overwhelming when you get down to the individual details, such as tile, fixtures, hardware, countertops, even show installations. Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors is here to help. Give us a call and we can guide you through this exciting process. Our dedicated team of bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook know the most interesting trends, as well as creative design features and we will do your bathroom remodeling.

    FAQ – Bathroom Remodeling & Bathroom Renovation Northbrook, IL

    How long will it take to remodel my bathroom?
    Every bathroom renovation is different. Bathroom remodeling timeline depends from project to project. Larger bathrooms with complex projects take more time than smaller, more straightforward projects. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook will give you an estimate once we have the detail of your bathroom. Our timeframe will depend on the scope of the project and your specific product selection. Our bathroom contractors do their best to get the work done as quickly as possible. However, there are other factors like plumbing and electrical problems that can lengthen a project. That is why Metro Bathroom Remodeling keeps our clients informed through frequent communication.

    What does a full bathroom remodel consist of?
    A full bathroom remodel in Northbrook consists of replacing vanities, flooring, light fixtures, and updating your bathtub, shower, and toilet. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook designs and layout in adding new features. Bathroom contractors also work with expanding the existing space to create an efficient, stylish, and functional modern bathroom.

    Why should I remodel my bathroom?
    Bathroom remodeling is an excellent chance to make necessary repairs, update the bathroom layout with a more practical design, and upgrade light fixtures to energy-efficient fixtures to save on energy bills. You can never go wrong in investing for a bathroom remodel in Metro Bathroom Remodeling, because it is sure to add comfort and style to your home.

    What type of tile should I use for my bathroom floor and shower?
    Bathroom tiles come at all shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. That is why selecting the best tile for you will depend on your personal preference and budget. Also, you need to consider the size of your bathroom, the lighting, and of course, the people who will use the bathroom. Finally, hiring our professional bathroom tile contractor in Northbrook will help you achieve the perfect tile installation.

    Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Northbrook, IL –
    What People Say About Us

    "Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors gave me an amazing tile installation in Northbrook. I found the tile installers to be cheerful and patient while Taking care of each tile to perfection. "

    Jordan Brooks Northbrook, IL

    "We are delighted to give our recommendation to Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Northbrook. They actually made our bathroom renovations a wonderful experience. And their work was fantastic. "

    Keith Lane Northbrook, IL

    "I researched three bathroom remodeling companies in Northbrook and found Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors to be honest, experienced, and innovative in their ideas. The results speak for themselves. "

    Jackson Coleman Northbrook, IL

    What To Consider Before Bathroom Tile Installation Northbrook, IL

    For your home, perhaps it is time to consider retiling your bathroom, and the professionals at Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in Northbrook want you to consider 4 variables:

    Is your bathroom large, like a master bath, or small, like a half bath? This is the first factor to consider when choosing the right tile for the space. Size matters in tiling a room.

    Do you want your tile choice to say something about your unique style or personality? There are tiles for all sorts. But beware. As we age, tastes change.

    If you are a bright person, colorful tiles might be your style. For darker appeal, deep reds and black tiles might be your speed. There are tiles for any style, even the most eclectic.

    Budget will make or break your tile job. Get an estimate, and know you can pay before the first tile is laid. A half finished job speaks volumes. 

    Your best course when getting any bathroom renovation done in Northbrook is to call Metro Bathroom Remodeling Contractors and get it done right the first time.