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    Quick Tile Installation Chicago, IL

    If you need tile installation in Chicago, the Metro has your back. Metro tile Installers have been putting tile into kitchens and bathrooms across Chicago for many years, and have helped more customers than they can count. We specialize in bathrooms but can update a kitchen with some cleverly placed tiles in a slash guard or wall mosaic to give your space some flair and unique artistic style. We even have tile trim to give it depth.

    Our tile installers in Chicago are fantastic, and we only hire the most professional tilers with the right skills to do the job in the most efficient way. We know that tile installation in Chicago can be daunting, but with our expertise, and your years of experience, we can make the process quick and painless. We guarantee peace of mind, and we always clean up when we are done with your expert tile installation. For tile installation in Chicago, if you want the top-notch work you deserve, then look no further than Metro.


    Benefits of Having A Professional Tilers For Tile Installation Chicago, IL

    Protect the warranty: With every tile that you buy, a warranty is attached. This warranty can be made void if a tile manufacturer finds that there is tile or grout damage due to DIY installation and not done by a professional. Metro Tile Contractors can help you protect your warranty in the event of a mishap by offering professional tile installation in Chicago. 

    Faster Tile Installation: DIY tile installation may allow you to save money but a professional can save you time. Metro Tile Contractors can help you complete your tile installation in record time and save you the headache of doing it yourself. We have the installation down to a science!

    Special Equipment: It’s unlikely that a DIY tile installation will be done with the right tools. For the highest quality, the proper tools must be used. We at Metro Tile Contractors employ the use of the best tools to spread mortar and grout, smooth the edges of the tiles, and make precise cuts to fit in tight spaces.

    Reduce Wasted Time: Metro Tile Contractors will measure and calculate the worksite and give you a precise quantity of materials needed. Our tile contractor Chicago services will reduce wastage, prevent incorrect cuts, broken tiles, and shortages to help you save money on your installation. 

    Prevent Water Damage: Metro Tile Contractors will install your tile or grout properly to help you avoid water seeping through cracks and gaps. We are the tilers Chicago residents call to get the job done!

    Tile Installation Chicago, IL –  Our Process

    To achieve a clean and precise bathroom tile installation in Chicago, you need planning, preparation, and a step-by-step installation process. 

    Metro Tile Contractors’ tile installation in Chicago starts with a clean, smooth, and dry solid surface. Once the subfloor is level, our tile contractors add the substrate, mud, and tape the substrate material’s seams. When the foundation is ready for tile installation, our Chicago tilers will begin the layout and start cutting tiles for a proper fit. Adhesives should be used within 30 minutes. We begin installing tiles one grid at a time using a slight twisting motion. Our tile installers in Chicago insert spacers as each tile is set or leaves equal joints between tiles. Once the grid is installed, we tap the tile using a rubber mallet to ensure a solid bond and level plane. Let it set for 24 hours, then apply grout or fill the joints to make a watertight seal.